An Introduction to Planting

For my learning project for EDTC 300 I hope to start my own garden of some kind. It may not be a traditional garden which I think of as a plot of land with many food items planted in rows but I hope to create mini gardens in my yard.

I choose to do this project because…

a) I have never planted something on my own before and have no idea where to start

b) to help the bees (or other wildlife in my yard)

I would consider myself an environmental activist and lately, I have been reading more and more on the slow and sad demise of bees. When I look into my own backyard I see some grass, 2 trees, and some weeds. Nothing too exciting for butterflies, or bees. I am hoping to plant some flowers or plants (food or non-food varieties) in order to bring some life to my yard and hopefully to help the bees (and/or other bugs or wildlife species)!

My main goals of this project:

  1. Research what I would need – the types of plants, type of soil etc
  2. Get the resources needed in order to plant (soil, seeds, planters/pots etc)
  3. Research where in my yard I should be planting (full sun, shade etc) for each type of plant
  4. Research how to plant these certain types of plants
  5. PLANT
  6. Research and attempt to learn how to not kill these plants, what they need to make them happy etc
  7. Maybe see some bees around my plants?

As I already know there are tons of material on the web that teaches and educates people on how to plant or garden etc. This will be my first time planting on my own so in no way am I expecting perfect results, hopefully, I won’t kill everything. I also will not be going big or grand, I hope to plant a small but decent amount of things in my yard and maybe next year I will plant more.

So far on my journey, I have received my Cheerios free sunflower seeds in support of #BringBacktheBees – I don’t know if they are giving away free seeds anymore but you can learn more here. And I have also purchased a Bee Home from Costco to place in my yard. (This). I will be researching and buying more seeds and things needed in the coming weeks.

I am excited for this planting journey I will be going on 🙂 #plantthesesavethebees


3 thoughts on “An Introduction to Planting

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  1. Hello Serena, This is such an exciting learning project to work on. As its spring time, it is surely going to be fun in blooming plants. I liked your purpose about the project to take part in some environmental changes. As bees are extinguishing, we need more people to work on this. I’m not much into planting though my husband is but your article inspired me to learn and act out personally. As every contribution counts so I will try to plant some flowers this year. Thanks for encouragement, your links were helpful to start with. Also, I can wait to hear progress from you as i wish to follow your footsteps to work on mine.

    Wish you all the best for your project.

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