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As our EDTC 300 class comes to an end (which is very sad) we are asked to make one last post to say how we have contributed to others learning throughout the semester through different platforms.


Slack is such a great place to connect others when they are far away or even within your own classroom. As many of our classmates were not in the same city this platform made it easy to ask questions, post resources and even have a place to direct message privately. On slack you can have different “rooms” (channels) for specific reasons – these were ours:

I found slack very helpful throughout the semester. When I was stuck I was able to ask questions. And it was a great place to share resources with your fellow classmates. This is also helpful that it is private to only the people that the teacher allows into the room.

Blogs (WordPress):

I LOVE blogging now! I find that being able to share my voice on a platform that is my own is such a beneficial thing to grow my positive digital identity. I also love that Katia shared all of the class blogs with every student so we were able to follow along with others learning projects and comment on them. This helped my learning because it is great to hear feedback on your work when it’s an online class – encouragement and even resource sharing can be so helpful moving forward each week of your learning project.


Could Twitter really be my favorite social media app right now? Yes! Twitter is such a great place to expand your PLN and see things that are happening around the world. There is such an amazing teacher network on twitter and am so happy to be a part of it. You are able to share things in real time – videos, articles, photos. I enjoy being able to be up to date on others interests and lives in such a positive way. Twitter chats are also amazing to connect with others with similar interests. Twitter has become such an important part of my teacher and learning experience and I will continue to use it!

I am sad that this class is coming to an end but I learned so many amazing things from it that I can use within every aspect of my life.

Here is a collection of photos that outline how I contributed to others learning (click on the photo):


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  1. This is amazing! I love how you included a slide show of all your contributions. It is evident that EDTC300 would have not been the same without you. Thanks for sharing and being a key support to our class community.


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