Pre-Internship – ECS 311

Overall, I had an amazing time in Ms. McNevin's grade 5 classroom. She is a wonderful teacher and gave me and my partner - Kendall Leib - all the supports, encouragement, and constructive criticism to help us grow as educators. I think that being with the students for a full day allows you to get... Continue Reading →

Contribution to Learning

Hello ~ As our EDTC 300 class comes to an end (which is very sad) we are asked to make one last post to say how we have contributed to others learning throughout the semester through different platforms. Slack: Slack is such a great place to connect others when they are far away or even... Continue Reading →

Bushes?-Planting Week 5

Hello and welcome to my last weekly update on my garden! This week I acquired 3 new plants from my grandmother - which you can see in the video below. I got a bush, a ground cover plant, and a lettuce bed. What was shocking was the bush as I do not know how to... Continue Reading →

Cree Word of the Day – Living Treaties

For this weeks weekly engagement for ECCU 400, I decided to learn some Cree words. As this class was the first time I had heard Cree spoken (other than traditional drumming circles and singing which frequently happened in my high school). This week I have decided to be vulnerable and attempt to learn. I wish... Continue Reading →

Planting as Sacred – Living Treaties

For my weekly engagement, within ECCU 400, I decided to continue my planting journey. For another class (EDTC 300) we were tasked with a "learning project" and I decided to learn how to garden Feel free to check out my blog posts on that project here. So this, I guess, isn't just a weekly engagement... Continue Reading →

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