Resources Galore!

For this week in EDTC 300 we were asked to explore an RSS reader and find neat articles that we could use in this class or in our future teachings. I was shocked about how many resources there was on Feedly! You could almost get overwhelmed by the amount of amazing content there was and it was so simple to use! I really liked the feature that allows you to categorize the pages you follow, you don’t just have this jumble of resources to sort through.

For my Feedly account I decided to focus on a few main things:

  1. Stick with content that was applicable to life right now (this is why my first “feed” was Educational Technology)
  2. Find resources that stood out to me – mentions an article that I may be interested to read
  3. Find resources that posted enough but not too often that I would be swamped with articles

As this class was based around Educational Technology – I decided to type edtech into the search bar and see what would pop up. I amazingly found so many resources that I wanted to follow right away! One that I did find was after you scroll a little bit down called EmergingEdTech. As a student (and a future teacher) their posts caught my eye as the explanation for their posts was “Free resource of educational web tools, 21st-century skills, tips and tutorials on how teachers and students integrate”. That’s perfect for a new edtech student like myself, I would love new tips and tutorials! They also caught my eye with some of the posts they offered (highlighted in the photo below)

I was interested in the brain and online university course articles as facts about the brain always interest me and as I am in an online university course right now – I think I should find out what is going on with the state of them! Haha.

But as an emerging edtech student such as myself, once I clicked on their page, I found another interesting article about Instructional Technology Coaches could be helpful to teachers to create better learning experiences in their classrooms.

I think that the EmergingEdTech source would be a great one to follow if you use feedly or to just go to their webpage and check them out. They have many interesting articles about using technology in the classroom – such as this one that thinks that teachers should allow texting in classrooms! Or other technology related articles. The articles are all written by tech-savy or educational people that have sometimes used the methods in actual classrooms or have intense knowledge of a subject!

I think one downside to Feedly is the fact that I want to follow a lot of sources from Canada, as that is where I as a student and that is where I want to hear some of my news from. I wish there was a way to sort out/search by country – instead of having to wade through articles to find Canadian ones.

If anyone finds any amazing Canadian Edtech (or non edtech) sources – please let me know!

Now onto finding many more sources from Feedly!


An Introduction to Planting

For my learning project for EDTC 300 I hope to start my own garden of some kind. It may not be a traditional garden which I think of as a plot of land with many food items planted in rows but I hope to create mini gardens in my yard.

I choose to do this project because…

a) I have never planted something on my own before and have no idea where to start

b) to help the bees (or other wildlife in my yard)

I would consider myself an environmental activist and lately, I have been reading more and more on the slow and sad demise of bees. When I look into my own backyard I see some grass, 2 trees, and some weeds. Nothing too exciting for butterflies, or bees. I am hoping to plant some flowers or plants (food or non-food varieties) in order to bring some life to my yard and hopefully to help the bees (and/or other bugs or wildlife species)!

My main goals of this project:

  1. Research what I would need – the types of plants, type of soil etc
  2. Get the resources needed in order to plant (soil, seeds, planters/pots etc)
  3. Research where in my yard I should be planting (full sun, shade etc) for each type of plant
  4. Research how to plant these certain types of plants
  5. PLANT
  6. Research and attempt to learn how to not kill these plants, what they need to make them happy etc
  7. Maybe see some bees around my plants?

As I already know there are tons of material on the web that teaches and educates people on how to plant or garden etc. This will be my first time planting on my own so in no way am I expecting perfect results, hopefully, I won’t kill everything. I also will not be going big or grand, I hope to plant a small but decent amount of things in my yard and maybe next year I will plant more.

So far on my journey, I have received my Cheerios free sunflower seeds in support of #BringBacktheBees – I don’t know if they are giving away free seeds anymore but you can learn more here. And I have also purchased a Bee Home from Costco to place in my yard. (This). I will be researching and buying more seeds and things needed in the coming weeks.

I am excited for this planting journey I will be going on 🙂 #plantthesesavethebees

This Is My #supercool EDTC 300 Introduction

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Serena Lowry and I am just starting in my 3rd year of Middle Years Education at the University of Regina – technically I am using this course to fill a 4th year elective to hopefully get a little bit ahead with my classes. This is the second time I have taken spring classes, the 4th time I have taken an online (not-in-person) class but the first time I have take a zoom class. I quite like it – saves me gas $$ and I am also able to wear pajamas or sweatpants and no one will ever know, and I also get to cuddle my cat while also in class which is kinda cool.

Here is a picture of my cat:

His name is Kitia (which means kitty in Polish… I think…). He is 15 years old, which is quite old for a cat but he doesn’t show the age at all. I got him on my 5th birthday and he has been my best friend ever since. I also have another cat named Lucy, but she is more of my mom’s cat but shes still pretty cute.

This is not the first time I have had to blog for a class, so I feel like I actually know what I am doing now 😛 I have created blog posts for my ECS 100, ECS 110, ESCI 302 classes. I hope to actually use my blog for more than just class posts, but it has still been useful to me to be able to go look back on things I have written about in the past. It is interesting to see what you posted a year or even 2 years ago. I do hope to expand it more and include some more resources or information I have come across in other classes that we didn’t blog in. I think that these could come in handy for my future self as a teacher – having 1 place with lots of information in it. But also for others to have this information or even learn more about me as a person.

I wouldn’t say I am the most tech savy – I am the person my grandparents come to when they are in need of tech help but this doesn’t make me an expert. I think I have gotten good at things that I use often, such as google docs (or other google features) but I don’t know how to edit videos etc. I do hope to learn in this class technology that can help me in my future classrooms because I think many of my teachers growing up did not utilize the web as much as they could have so I can’t remember any cool things from my own schooling. I think Kahoot is like the only thing that everyone has used or heard of! Hahha.

If you wish to follow me on twitter – click on the photo above to see my page^!

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