Contribution to Learning

Hello ~ As our EDTC 300 class comes to an end (which is very sad) we are asked to make one last post to say how we have contributed to others learning throughout the semester through different platforms. Slack: Slack is such a great place to connect others when they are far away or even... Continue Reading →

Gardening Never Ends – Summary of Learning Project

Hello! It has finally come to the end of my learning project - well I guess not really as with my garden I will have to continue to take care of it for the weeks to come but it is time for me to explain what I have accomplished so far and what resources I... Continue Reading →

Bushes?-Planting Week 5

Hello and welcome to my last weekly update on my garden! This week I acquired 3 new plants from my grandmother - which you can see in the video below. I got a bush, a ground cover plant, and a lettuce bed. What was shocking was the bush as I do not know how to... Continue Reading →

How Dare You Let My Son Use YouTube (The pros and cons)

Hello, Within this post is a theoretical discussion between a parent and a teacher on the negatives and positives of using YouTube in the classroom. This was done between me and Brooke. I was arguing for the negative side (as a parent) and she was the "teacher" arguing for the positive side. Enjoy. 🙂  

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